Please enter your current location, we will offer you driving instructions to desired meeting point. You can find detailed information in the tabs below

      We use meeting point MOZIRJE for flights from Golte hill. There are two take-offs;

      • Medvedjak - MAXI and SPECIAL
      • Planica - MINI

      Meeting is on the parking lot –> picture on the right

      Koordinate  –  46°20’24.9″N 14°57’59.3″E

      Meeting point CERKLJE NA GORENJSKEM is used for flights from Krvavec – Ambrož

      • Ambrož - MAXI and SPECIAL

      Coordinates  – 46°26’71.3″N 14°49’62.0″E

      Meeting point BOHINJSKO JEZERO is used for take-offs from Vogel

      • Vogel - MAXI and SPECIAL

      Meeting point is always in Stare Fužine, standard place for all paragliders –> picture on the right

      Coordinates  –  46°16’55.1″N 13°52’54.8″E

      Meeting point LOGARSKA DOLINA (Logarska Valley) is used for package MINI above the Logarska valley. Take off depends on current wind conditions, chosen to be landed in valley

      Meeting is at entrance into the valley

      Coordinates  –  46°25’07.6″N 14°38’28.8″E