During years of building our experience and commercial flights, we received many questions, how, why, where. Some of them, most questioned, are gathered here. Might save you a call or email.

Take Off and Landing

Prior to take-off, the pilot will provide you with all the necessary detail to ensure its safety. When in the air, you will be sitting in a comfortable harness in front of the pilot. The landing is easy and only requires a few simple steps.


We often get asked about how long does the entire experience last. At the start, we meet our clients at a well-known meeting point near the paragliding site. We then proceed to the landing site, where you can leave your car and join us in ours on the way to the airfield. The ascent lasts about 30-60 min, depending on the location. Once on the airfield, we need to prepare the parachute, strap on the harness and put on the helmet, which takes about 10-20 min. This is followed by take-off and landing, according to the chosen flight. The entire experience lasts about 90-120 min. If you choose a shorter BASIC flight, the experience usually lasts about 60 min per person

Gift vouchers

GIFT CERTIFICATES – For added convenience, our gift certificates remain valid for TWO* paragliding seasons from the date of purchase. (The paragliding season lasts from April until the end of October).

*Gift certificates, purchased in the current season, can be used anytime until the end of the next paragliding season.

If you are looking for an especially innovative gift, a tandem paraglider flight might just be the right thing for you. Be a master gift giver and buy one of our GIFT CERTIFICATES or a SURPRISE PACKAGE that will surely provide the recipient with a breath-taking experience.