Frequently Asked Questions and other information

During years of building our experience and commercial flights, we received many questions, how, why, where. Some of them, most questioned, are gathered here. Might save you a call or email.

Before the flight, the pilot explains all the necessary instructions, and later in the air you are comfortably seated in the front seat. The landing is undemanding and is completed in a few steps.

The length of the flight itself can be affected by several factors that are more difficult to predict. Increased cloud cover, temperature difference and wind. From flight to flight, conditions can change and sometimes a little luck with the weather is also needed. The flight usually takes 15 to 30 minutes depending on current conditions.

For flying, it is recommended to wear clothes that protect the whole body from the wind and are warm enough according to the time of year. It is necessary to calculate that 1000m higher can also be 10 degrees colder. Footwear should be trekking or hiking boots.

All contact details are listed on the gift voucher. To use the voucher, it is necessary to make an appointment a few days before the check-in to check the weather conditions. Based on the weather forecast, the date and place of the flight are then determined.

For the flight, get information a few days before the date on which you want to perform it, to check the weather conditions, based on the forecast, then determine the options for implementation.

The entire flight from the moment we meet to the end usually takes about 2 hours.

We meet at the agreed place at a certain time, then head to the airfield. We usually take care of the transport, unless otherwise agreed. If there are “spectators” or other companions, we organize by arrangement.

Goggles can be worn quite normally when flying and are also recommended if you use them.