You can choose between short and longer tandem flights, as well as the so called dynamic special flights. No matter how brave you are, you will surely be able to find an option tailored to your desires. Be it a good adventure or an adrenalin high, at Impulse, we’ll make sure to satisfy your cravings for travelling through the air. Tranquil or dynamic, make sure to tell your paragliding pilot what sort of flight you wish to experience.



This is a calm panoramic flight with just the right length and performed at a height of 500 m above the landing site. Expect tranquillity and perfect comfort. These flights are rather basic.
    panoramic flight up to 15 minutes500 m height difference

80 €



This sort of flight usually features airfields higher up in the mountains, with a height difference of 1000 m, or taking off from hill sides that allow for gliding with the help of thermal air columns.
    panoramic flight up to 30 minutes1000m height difference

110 €



This is an upgrade of the MAXI flight and features more »action« with stronger centrifugal forces that test your resilience high up in the sky. It is perfect for people who crave for something more.
    panoramic flight up to 30 minutes1000m height differenceexciting flying manoeuvres

120 €

*The length of your flight depends on the weather conditions


Here are some short answers to frequent asked questions. For more, please click FAQ in the menu above.

Take-off and landing

Prior to take-off, the pilot will provide you with all the necessary detail to ensure its safety. When in the air, you will be sitting in a comfortable harness in front of the pilot. The landing is easy and only requires a few simple steps.

How long does the flight last?

Whole procedure takes about 90 to 120 minutes, depending on flight package. In case of MINI package it takes up to 60 minutes


Transfer service to the airfield is available. Classic sports attire is recommended.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for an especially innovative gift, a tandem paraglider flight might just be the right thing for you. Be a master gift giver and buy one of our GIFT CERTIFICATES or a SURPRISE PACKAGE that will surely provide the recipient with a breath-taking experience.


Choose our HD filming option and record your flight.

Do you want to show your flight to your colleagues or just to show off with your friends? Part of our offer is also HD recording ...

From here, It's another world. Be free like the birds in the sky!

For us, paragliding experts, it is a special kind of pleasure being able to pass on our love of travelling through the air to our passengers, who wish to experience something new – to look at the world from up above.

Flight Packages
PIC (Pilot In Command)